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Jiaxiang is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, east Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Because of Kirin birthplace, whichever is the name of the United States auspicious auspicious, under the “hometown of Confucius and Mencius” Jining jurisdiction, the year 1147 home county. The total area of ​​973 square kilometers, the total population of 870,000 people. Jurisdiction over 8 towns, 7 townships and counties in Jiaxiang streets.

Jining Airport is located in Jiaxiang territory. Jiaxiang is the birthplace of China’s filial piety culture, the hometown of stone carving in China, the town of suona, China Lujin Township and the Chinese city of gloves.

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Jiaxiang no professional lighting market, lighting, lighting distribution business more scattered. Mainly concentrated in the construction of roads, prosperous East Street, Yanzhou Street, the new bus station area, about 20 more than. The size of the facade is generally not large, brand stores rarely, mostly operating bulk.

Jiaxiang visit our first business is the Cambridge lighting, while operating the United States. Business reflects, here Cambridge chandelier than flat-panel lights to sell. This is a bit surprising.

Jiaxiang Op store, not, about 200 square meters, but the owner reflects the business is also good.

Jiaxiang NVC shop, about 200 square meters, newly renovated, the store is very beautiful, rational product layout, very clear. NVC business here is still relatively good.

Jiaxiang Star Lighting City, although called the city, but more is a shop. Has operated a well-off of the light, now operating Maranshi, Fukuda electrician and other brands. Goods are scattered, but the business is also more satisfied with the owner. Boss character is very cheerful, see it is a businessman.

Sunlight, the outside seems not very good, but the inside display is very rich. The proprietress said, because what are selling, the business is not bad.

US special dealers also sell bright school, because the shop is their own to buy, do it very handy.

Next to the two stores, are known as glass lighting, a do Guipai, a do Lavis, engineering, sales integration, more busy. This is also the characteristics of the county seat, mostly couples, plus a maximum of workers, the general woman responsible for selling goods, men responsible for the installation, service. County lamps shop, while operating hardware, kitchen and more. Guipai in the bus station next to a larger new store, the main operating Guipai lighting and electrical products, more structured.

The biggest store in the new bus station should be the Philips dealer, which also operates the Everlight and Leighton switches. The owner to travel extensively, experienced, the industry is also more familiar with.

The other several, Menlian done larger, but the product is relatively empty. Nevertheless, business is still good, there are always 3322 customers in the purchase of lamps and light source products.

Therefore, Jiaxiang Although the dealer is not much, the store is not, we live or more moisture!

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