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Buy, install LED panel light instructions

LED light is now the most commonly used lamp, and LED panel light is one of them, then how to choose LED panel light? The following Xiaobian collected for you a bit, take a look at it!

Buy, install LED panel light instructions

LED panel light how to buy:

LED lighting as a new generation of lighting because of its green, energy saving, long life characteristics have received widespread attention. LED lighting is also more appear in our daily life. LED lights that most families can consume are light bulb LED lamps sold by major lighting manufacturers. As the industry continues to develop, more and more companies are participating in the LED lighting industry. LED lighting will gradually replace the traditional lamps and lanterns .

Buy, install LED panel light instructions

LED Panel Light itself has the ultra-thin, ultra-thin, super bright and super energy-saving long-life safe and reliable, green, flat panel light gradually by the majority of consumers love and respected to become the lighting products of choice, the current market, In view of the vicious competition in the current flat panel market price competition, a large number of unqualified products to market, has violated the LED energy saving, long life, environmental protection and other real value, contrary to the LED technology is applied to the field of integrated ceiling Significance, and seriously affected the healthy development of integrated ceiling LED panel light, as the manufacturer of LED panel light has this responsibility to introduce and explain how to choose the LED panel light or identify the LED panel light is good or bad:

First of all look at the overall “lighting power factor”: Low power factor, indicating the use of the drive power, circuit design is not good, will greatly reduce the service life of lighting! Low power factor, the use of no matter how good lamp life of the lamp will not be long. Power factor level, with “power factor meter” can be detected! General export LED panel light power factor requirements of more than 0.85. Power factor below 0.5, it should be said substandard products or refuse products, not only short life expectancy, and the actual consumption of electricity than the nominal twice as high, that is, compared with the ordinary energy-saving lamps, there is no power-saving! So, this is why LED panel lights need to be equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency drive power! There is no “power factor meter” to detect LED lighting power factor of consumers, there is another way is to use “ammeter” to detect two similar products with the same nominal power, the greater the current and the greater the current harmonics, indicating the actual Power consumption is large, the more energy-efficient! At the same time, the current instability, the life of the lamp and the overall lighting adverse life!

120v 17w led light flat lowes

Second look at the “lighting cooling conditions – materials, structure”: LED lighting cooling is also very important, the same power factor of lighting and the same quality lamp beads, if the cooling conditions are not good, lamp beads work under high temperature, light failure will be very Large, lighting life will be reduced. At present, the thermal materials used are mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity is better than aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity than the PC is good, and now the radiator material is generally the most aluminum, the best for the insert aluminum, aluminum car (aluminum Profiles, extruded aluminum) followed by the worst is cast aluminum, aluminum inserts the best cooling effect! Also have a look “lamp beads quality”: lamp bead quality depends on the chip quality and packaging technology.

LED panel light installation method:

1, the installation of the product must be a certified professional electricians.

2, when checked out from the box to check the integrity of the product.

3, products and flammable materials to ensure that at least 0.2m distance, to ensure that the ceiling has been installed 2 cm high gap, the lamps can not be installed inside the zenith or heat wall, pay attention to low pressure and high Piezoelectric connections are routed separately.

4, the connection on the lamp can be passed through the hole and the back of the lamp wiring can be fixed with a wire clip, to ensure a fixed firm.

5, to ensure that the power cord light enough length, do not be subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive pulling force when installing the lamp connection, do not make the connection knotted. Output wiring should pay attention to the distinction, do not be confused with other lamps.

6, after the installation, the low voltage plug lamps and low voltage switch to connect the power supply.

7, the lamp power switch connection tail power connection, usually brown (black) line for the hot line, the blue line for the zero line.

8, non-professionals shall not disassemble, repair, our company reserves the right to disassemble and repair products to give replacement or warranty service.

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