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analysis on the current situation of driving power for led panel light

LED popularity speed has brought the ceiling industry opportunities

According to research data show that, at present, in domestic emerging projects, LED penetration in the application of outdoor lighting, almost 100% penetration in the public indoor lighting project more than 80%, while in the home decoration, has been 100% penetration. As at this stage to home improvement market-based integrated ceiling industry, has a comprehensive application of the LED lighting and decorative technology, LED light source of the popular application is an indisputable fact.

In recent years, the development of integrated ceiling, in the lighting application, through the “Yuba incandescent bulb” → quartz halogen spotlight module → electronic fluorescent lamp module → LED straw hat lamp bead module, mainly to the side of the LED panel light The evolution of the main lighting and multi-functional combination of the module, its development process, on the one hand is the continuous progress of lighting technology, more importantly, the consumer market for lighting the cognitive progress and consumer demand.

However, the rapid development of integrated ceiling industry and the popularity of LED popular trend, LED flat-panel lamp is no standard to follow, the lack of government technical supervision, and some speculators flock to the industry in the moment there is no technology, R & D “,” no control “,” no limit “, a table, two screw cone, three or four individuals, a large number of crude and indiscriminate workshops. In the market, filled with a large number of short life, light color difference, or even leakage of the LED flat-panel lamp, continuous user complaints, dealers no door, a great blow to the market confidence in LED flat-panel lamp, affecting the health of the industry development of. Here, let us from the technical point of view to dissect the LED flat-panel lamp market, in particular, integrated ceiling within the LED flat-panel lamp market adverse phenomena.

First, the current LED flat light LED light source device used

Because of its small size, suitable power, high luminous efficiency, easy to control the characteristics of light and heat, the current LED flat-panel lamp from the earliest 3528 to 3014,2835 later, to the current main SMD4014 lamp beads.

We have integrated ceiling industry, multi-level “factory” LED lamp beads used to do a comprehensive understanding and sample testing, the industry many workshops are using low-quality low-quality light beads, the chip is small (excellent 4014 lamp beads chip Size of> 10 * 30, while the low-quality light bead chip size 10 * 18 below), the light is low; the same time, its packaging colloid, phosphor are low-cost configuration, and the use of small melting point copper Line), iron stent (quality light beads using copper stents or high thermal conductivity of the composite material), which in the course of the use of light prone to slow decline (that is, the beginning of relatively bright, slowly not how bright) :), And even burned death lights phenomenon is also frequent.

At the same time, a city in a province of a town’s integrated ceiling distribution center, a special underground factory in Shenzhen and other places to collect all kinds of packaging manufacturers to screen out unqualified lamp beads, and the use of poor substrate patch, and then like cabbage in the street Sold to the local assembly of LED lights workshop. . These products have low luminous efficiency (ordinary consumers can not distinguish in the case of no comparison), color temperature consistency is poor, color drift, there are many problems.

Second, the core components of the status quo power supply

As the LED lamp beads are low-voltage start-up of semiconductor devices, the most basic requirement is the need to match the low-voltage power supply drive, and require constant current, high current light failure is fast, a little longer time on the very dark lights or burned lights .

home depot drop ceiling panels

At present, there are three main LED drive power technology solutions:

1. RC buck: the program is simple, fewer devices, low cost, not constant current. The main application of 3W and below LED lamp configuration, and there is the risk of breakdown caused by leakage of light board, it requires the lamp body structure of the shell must be insulated;

2. Non-isolated power supply: the cost is moderate, the use of IC constant current, but there is also the risk of breakdown caused by leakage, but also requires the structure of lamp body shell must be insulated. ”

3. Isolated power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good security.

LED flat-panel lamp in order to achieve a better light efficiency, the string of lights are generally slender structure, so, in order to protect the LED lamp cooling needs, is more use of all-aluminum structure as a cavity both cooling effect. Aluminum lamp body of non-insulation, it must be isolated power supply can have a basic security, but also to provide a constant constant current to protect the lamp beads long-life use.

At present, there is no ceiling in the integrated ceiling industry products, which is jerry-building, there are resistance-capacitance buck, there are non-isolated constant current power supply; in order to deceive the market, also used to build inferior colloid, waterproof moisture, Afraid of the poor driver solution exposed.

At the same time, with the isolated constant current power supply, there are also reasonable program, the configuration is comprehensive, the device is stable, whether the scientific line, the process is rigorous distinction between the pros and cons.

Here, only to take the circuit board, the poor use of paper core board drive, easy to absorb moisture, in the course of the use, easily lead to short circuit burned; and high-quality drive using glass plate, with line stability, moisture durability advantages .

In the drive of the production process, the norms of the manufacturers of high-quality automatic patch drive and automatic wave soldering, no confusion, no Weld, which is inferior products workshop technology can not be met.

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