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analysis of main key technologies of led panel light

With the development of LED lamps and lanterns, the LED panel light, which is derived from LED backlight, has the advantages of uniform light, glare-free, fine structure, which is popular with many people and is the new trend of modern indoor lighting.

LED panel lights of the main components

1. Panel light aluminum frame:

Is the main channel of LED heat dissipation, the appearance of simple and generous, you can use ZY0907, the use of mold stamping die low cost, low processing costs; die-casting aluminum frame IP level can be higher, surface texture, overall appearance, but the initial investment mold costs Higher.

2. LED light source:

Usually the use of LED lights 3528 beads, it was also used 3014 and 5050.3014505050 and low cost, slightly less light effect, the key is difficult to guide its optical network design. 3528 high efficiency optical efficiency of good points.

3. LED light guide plate:

The side of the LED light refraction through the mesh to the light from the front evenly derived light guide plate is the key to quality control of LED panel lights. Network design is not good, see the overall luminous efficiency is poor, usually appear on the bright side of the dark, or there is light into the light band, or visible dark areas, or the brightness of different angles appear inconsistent. To improve the light guide plate mainly depends on the network design, followed by the quality of the plate, but no need to superstitious first-line brand-name plates, qualified sheet between the light transmission is usually almost the same. General small LED lights factory are directly to buy public use of light guide plate, do not need to re-proofing design, more manufacturers use the public version of the quality is usually qualified.

4.LED diffuser:

The light guide plate light evenly derived, but also play a role in fuzzy dot. Diffuser plate generally use the acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, PS material is almost, the lower the cost of acrylic and light transmittance slightly higher than the PC, acrylic brittle anti-aging performance is weak, the price of the PC is slightly expensive, but the anti-aging properties Strong. Diffusion board can not be seen after the installation of outlets, and the transmittance to 90%. Acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC 88%, PS probably also 80%, we can according to the demand for diffusion plate material selection, most manufacturers are using acrylic material.

5. Reflective paper:

The light guide plate to reflect the back light to improve the light efficiency, usually RW250.

6. Rear cover:

The main role is to seal the LED panel lights, generally with 1060 aluminum, but also play a little heat.

7. Drive power:

Currently there are two kinds of LED drive power supply, one is to use constant current power supply, this mode high efficiency, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective; second is to use constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, This power is mainly exported, the other requires certification requirements, the need to use a safety power supply. In fact, the family is very safe to use constant current power supply, because users are difficult to access to power, while the lamp body itself is safe to use low-voltage.

8. Installation pendant:

Suspension wire, mounting bracket, etc. for the installation of fixed accessories.

From the quality control point of view, in order to improve the efficiency of light to the additional money spent on LED light source and LED light guide plate is the most effective from the market point of view, the additional money spent in aluminum frame cover pendant, etc. Can improve product quality.

LED panel lights of the three key technologies

Optical performance (with light): LED panel lamp optical performance mainly related to luminosity, spectral and chromaticity and other aspects of performance requirements. Luminous flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity, and dominant wavelength, and the wavelength of the light emitted by the light emitting diode are measured according to the latest industry standard “semiconductor light emitting diode test method” Color rendering index and other parameters. LED panel lights commonly used white LED, color temperature, color rendering index and illumination is particularly important, it is the lighting atmosphere and the effect of an important indicator, and the color purity and the main wavelength is generally not required.

LED industry, the mainstream approach is to encapsulate the LED chip to form the light source or light source module, made of light when the light distribution, so using the original traditional light source approach, because the traditional light source is 360 ° light. If you want to light to the application side, the current Philips lamps do the best one, the light loss has reached 40%. And many of our domestic manufacturers of LED downstream applications of optical parameters are actually optical chip chip or light source parameters, rather than the overall lighting of the optical parameters of the parameters.

How to better improve the performance of light, the world’s latest technology is done in the chip package with light, a chip out of the light guide to maintain the maximum light output, so that only 5% -10% loss rate. With the continuous improvement of technology, optical loss rate will be lower and lower, the light source will become increasingly high light efficiency. Equipped with such a light source without the need to do light distribution, the relative efficiency of the lamp will be greatly enhanced, making it more widely used to functional lighting, the formation of a considerable size of the market channels. Therefore, a good LED suppliers, is our top priority, we do not need to spend a high price to study how our LED light distribution as well, do not need to spend a lot of time and experience for engineers to use software simulation, the easiest way is So that white LED suppliers to meet. You know, our engineers use software to simulate, then the necessary action is the input and output. Input that is the early data import and export the results of the simulation, then require pre-data must be accurate back-end simulation can be correct.

Thermal performance (structure): LED lighting with LED luminous efficiency and the provision of power is one of the key to the LED industry, at the same time, LED PN junction temperature and shell cooling problem is particularly important. PN junction temperature and the greater the temperature difference between the lamp body, then the greater the thermal resistance, followed by light energy is converted to heat consumed in vain, serious damage to the LED. A good structural engineer, not only to consider the structure of the lamp and LED thermal resistance, but also consider the shape of the lamp is reasonable, stylish, innovative, of course, reliability and maintainability and practicality, it is necessary to stand in the designer Of the point of view, but also from the user’s point of view to consider the product.

Today’s common technology is the use of aluminum substrate to package, aluminum substrate package chip cooling and light conversion efficiency of the technical core bottlenecks, can not effectively control the junction temperature and stability to maintain high power light output, and the application will be higher because the chip light efficiency , The required area of ​​the aluminum plate is bigger, will increase the cost and the application volume, extremely inconvenient. So how to get out of this new path is another new technical core features. Using a high thermal conductivity medium to reduce the thermal resistance and reduce the junction temperature of the PN junction, the PN junction can work within the allowable working temperature and maintain the maximum photon quantity by keeping the low cost and passive heat dissipation mode, with the new device lamp integral structure. Output, the minimum requirements are as follows:

(1) ultra-low thermal resistance materials, rapid thermal structure of the overall technology;

(2) high thermal conductivity, anti-UV packaging technology;

(3) the application of low environmental stress structure technology;

2x2 led flat panel light lowes

(4) the overall thermal resistance “20K W, junction temperature” 80 degrees;

(5) LED light source lighting module operating temperature control in 65 ℃ below.

Electrical (electronic): If a lighting metaphor than a girl, then the distribution of light is her meaning, the structure is her appearance, the electron is her heart. (To attract people’s eyes are always those beautiful, stylish beauty, the product is also true). People do not have life without the heart, the lamp is not electronic power is not a good, a good drive power can also determine the life of a product. Electronic aspects of the standards and parameters are often much more complex than the structure, pre-research and development effort is also relatively large. Current technology trends and updates are changing, a day a kind of, engineers have to spend a lot of energy to learn, absorb, decomposition, application of new technologies. Electronic design of the early plan, the mid-implementation, the latter part of the molding process to form a document, the formation of data This is the most tedious design of things. For example: a power design of a pre-program, product briefs, standard specifications, based on safety specifications, electrical performance expectations, process requirements, raw material evaluation, test methods and so on to form a system file.

In the field of LED drive power, and now as the industry leader in the development of power companies Mau Shuo Road, full of legendary. Out of the keen sense of smell of the LED industry, the head of Mogao power Gu Yongde led his team began in 2006 to develop LED power supply. Today, the world’s leading power Moso power LED lighting technology has led the trend of intelligent drive, LED lights for manufacturers to provide the most reliable intelligent drive solutions, which is a leading example of the concept.

LED driver power supply is powerful

LED power supply as the core components of LED lights, like the heart of LED, LED drive power directly determines the good or bad LED lamps.

First of all, in the structural design, outdoor LED drive power must have a strict waterproof function, otherwise, can not withstand the harsh environment of the outside world.

Secondly, LED drive power supply lightning protection is also essential. The outside world will inevitably encounter thunderstorms, if the drive power without lightning protection function, will directly affect the LED lamp life, increase lamp maintenance costs.

Finally, in the selection of raw materials, its reliability must meet its life expectancy, functional characteristics need to be good enough.

LED chip theoretical life expectancy is currently about 100,000 hours, and industry components such as life to match, the key components of the choice must be improved DMT, DVT verification management to ensure long life and product reliability requirements, or Power supply life is not enough, lamp life can not be achieved.

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