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after reading the market cheap led lights i was shocked

China LED lamp market is characterized by what?

The first is the price, the second is the price, the third or price.

As for the technical parameters, life, warranty period Shenma are clouds. Buyers will choose cheap LED lamps, but buyers do not think so cheap LED lights manufacturers have to make quality products to you, after all, you can not let the LED manufacturers fall by it, the following to the most typical 8W LED flat panel Lamp 300×300 as an example to illustrate its cost.

Those cheap LED led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp is how to do it? LED lighting costs are four – lamp beads and aluminum plate, light guide plate and diffusion plate, frame and floor, drive power, in order to do the lowest price then only in these four areas of effort.

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Lamp beads – in some places made 3014,2835 beads have sold 0.03 yuan of money, why 0.03 dare to sell? Lamp beads inside the gold wire instead of copper, other raw materials with inferior replacement, which consumers can not be aware of, and the consequences of low-grade light beads on the eyes of the injury, perennial exposure can lead to eye tears , Not comfortable, glaucoma and a series of consequences, and the nominal 8W led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp, lamp beads quantity is not enough, but with the device detection may be only 5W, and consumers are generally not to test. With raw material prices continue to rise, lamp beads prices kept rising.

Light guide plate – the use of secondary material recovery, low light transmission, perennial dark areas and strokes easily damage the eyes, and 300×300 poor light guide plate is only about 4 dollars.

Outer frame – with some corner aluminum or recycled aluminum, is not environmentally friendly, and as thin as paper, sealing is not strong, the use of lamps in the process there is a great security risk, low cost aluminum recycling frame only 4 yuan about.

Driving power – now on the market have driven poor quality sold more than 3, and even lower, do I do not know how many manufacturers of LED lights closed down, and those who do not responsible for profitability to do poor-driven business, But a lot of money, low-quality drive power poor heat dissipation, high temperature, poor water resistance, easy to leakage, there is a great security risk.

Read these low-cost LED lights, regardless of the interests of the interests of producers, to the outrageous cost of production of poor quality LED lights, you dare to buy it?

Choose high-quality LED lights, can not just look at the price of the temptation, more should be rational and calm, choose to trust the brand, buy rest assured that LED lights.

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