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Advantages do not continue the market situation is not optimistic

Reporters visited the Kunming light and more lighting general manager Zhu Changxing, with some optimistic attitude of the dealer is different, he believes that LED panel lights in Kunming market prospects are still uncertain.

Zhu Changxing said, with the terminal market from the point of view, the panel lights just when the momentum of the momentum, once in 2013 sales soared, much instead of grille lights, downlight potential, but now from the market reflection, this trend and Did not continue, the panel lights to replace the downlight, grille light is still very difficult.

Zhu Changxing also from their own operating conditions to explain this situation: “We also sell LED panel lights, last year, sales are really good, this year is not how the.” This analysis, he believes that the main reason is now LED panel Lights and downlights and other products compared to the advantage is not large, first of all this product itself, the brightness of the dark side of the problem, on the contrary, its counter lamp products in all aspects of a great breakthrough; followed by panel lights in the price is no advantage ; There are also consumers to accept the problem, LED panel lights regardless of the project or home improvement, consumer acceptance and awareness are still at a relatively low level.


Walking is still small in the audience concentrated in high-income groups

In order to understand the development of LED panel lights in Shaanxi, the resident representatives also visited the Shaanxi market to do LED panel lights more representative dealers – Colang Shaanxi operations center general manager Liu Zhiquan. Liu Zhiquan and Colon have been together for 13 years, has been the corps of Shaanxi, Kunming, the two agents, earlier entered the Kunming market, and later became agents in Shaanxi, has been 4 years. Cologne products mainly include ceiling lamps, downlights, ceiling lamps, kitchen and toilet lights, T5-T8 bracket, grille lights, lights, panel lights, LED Yuba and LED light source and other products, all products are converted to LED products The

According to Liu Zhicheng introduced last year, he began selling LED panel lights, this lamp is suitable for installation in the higher grade office buildings, offices and public places, bright, good effect. In fact, many of the traditional manufacturers to do the grid lights are LED panel lights, which is their extension products, but also the future of the grille lamp plate substitutes, there are some professional manufacturers to do LED commercial lighting also have such products, but As the price of LED panel lights is much higher than the previous grid lights, and grille lamp size of the same panel lights are still small size, the specifications of the product price is generally more than 100-200 yuan, consumer groups are from In those who require a higher and spending power of the unit.

High prices hindered the rapid popularization of LED panel lights, but also because of this, at present it can not replace the traditional grid lights. In addition, the quality of the difference between good and bad, the brand with the same brand of the same specifications of the product price is also a difference of a considerable number of users do not understand the quality of LED panel lights how to sell this panel lights dealers are not too much. Despite this, but due to LED panel lights all the advantages, the prospects are still promising.


Increased demand for consumers is relatively high

I learned from the major operators of lighting in Taiyuan, with the LED market is becoming more mature, whether it is engineering lights or home lights, LED lighting has occupied more than 80%, and LED panel lights this year, the trend to the good , There is a clear sign of rising development. Which is also operating this year, Taiyuan lamps have been positioning products in the LED panel lights reasons.

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According to incomplete statistics, Taiyuan is currently operating LED panel lights business (including direct sales and transfer goods) to more than 70%, more businessmen do LED panel lights wholesale and market transfer goods. And for consumers, the biggest problem is still the panel lights high prices. But with the development of LED panel light technology, prices are gradually declining. Coupled with many brands of LED panel lights have introduced ultra-thin products, and Taiyuan, the height of new housing is generally not high, this ultra-thin products just to meet the needs of consumers.

In order to learn more LED panel lights in Taiyuan, I specifically interviewed specifically to do LED lighting products, Shanxi Yinheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhu Lifeng. According to him, the current LED products, a lot of room for growth, and LED panel lights market will be particularly evident. Consumers to enter the store to choose products are not asked by the LED, the growing demand, panel lights as part of the LED family, recognition is also very high.

Zhu Lifeng further LED panel lights made a high evaluation, he said that the current price of LED panel lights, although a bit high, but its aesthetics and practicality is other products can not match. Last year, LED kitchen and toilet lights and LED ceiling lamps in the market shine, a year later, I believe the future market mainstream will be beautiful appearance, simple shape of the LED panel lights world.

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