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a permanent collection of two museums led lights

Etsy is an online store platform that features hand-crafted end-of-the-line merchandising and has been compared to eBay, Amazon and “Grandmother’s Basement Collection” by The New York Times. There are some hand-made lamp design is very good, the following will introduce a section called: white folding lamp contemporary lighting design work, priced at $ 125. Designers from Lloyd Schwan, Pennsylvania, the work of the materials are carved frosted plastic, 3.5-watt LED candle light bulbs, steel substrates, wires and plugs, about 11X11X11cm size.

Designed in 1996, the lamp is a contemporary design work, and in 1998 by the Museum of Modern Art and in 2000 by the Museum of Art and Design, a permanent collection.

Modern interpretation of vases in the Ming Dynasty

Moritz Waldemeyer from the Ming Dynasty vase inspiration, design out of this vase LED lights.

It feels like a rose, very beautiful dazzling, but the body covered with thorny people feel very dangerous.

Moritz Waldemeyer uses stainless steel, using parametric this unique technology. Vases are made of flat steel sheets and circuit boards that intersect and link together. It allows electricity to flow through the entire structure of the vase, eliminating the need for wires.

cree 2x4 led troffer

Vase LED lights, there are two kinds of blue and red, cold and warm elements of choice, is the eastern water and fire important elements and symbols for inspiration. Vibrant red and orange, depicting flashing flames. Bright blue and white, depicting a gentle water movement.

Aligned Lamp: a headstrong head of the Yaotouhuangnao

Daast Australia is a young studio, they recently launched an Aligned Lamp, is a lamp can 360 ° rotating lamp. Aligned Lamp fulcrum is very special, is divided into two curves of the shade of metal rod, the lamp can be used as the axis of rotation. From a different point of view, lamps are cast a different light, the external warm, local bright.

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