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5 tips to teach you to select integrated ceiling led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp

Principle 1: look at the overall lighting power factor

Power factor is low, indicating the use of the drive power circuit design is not good, and thus greatly reduce the lighting life. How to detect? – Power Factor Meter General export LED flat panel lamp power factor requirements of 0.85 or more. If the power factor is less than 0.5, then the product is not qualified. Not only life is short, and power consumption than ordinary energy-saving lamps about twice as high. Therefore, led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp must be equipped with high-quality high-efficiency drive power. If there is no power factor meter used to monitor the LED lighting power factor of consumers, can be used to monitor the ammeter. The greater the current, the greater the power consumption, the more electricity. Current instability, the shorter the life of lighting.

Principle 2: look at lighting and cooling conditions — structure, materials

LED lighting heat dissipation is also essential, the same power factor of the lighting and the same quality of light beads, heat dissipation if not good, lamp beads work at high temperatures, light failure will be great, and thus reduce the service life. Heat dissipation materials in accordance with the effect from high to low points to copper, aluminum, PC, currently on the market heat material is mainly used in aluminum, the best is the insert aluminum, followed by aluminum, the worst is cast aluminum, , The best heat dissipation of aluminum insert.

Principle 3: see the lighting used to drive power

lowes led panel lights

The life of the power supply relative to other parts of the lighting is much shorter, the life of the power of the overall life of the lighting. In theory, the lamp beads in the life of 5-10 million hours, the power life of 0.2-3 million hours. Therefore, the power supply design and material selection will directly affect the power supply life. It is recommended to choose the appearance of materials for the aluminum alloy power supply driven. Because the aluminum alloy heat better than engineering plastics, and in the long-distance transport to protect the internal parts are not damaged and loose, so the failure rate is low.

Principle 4: look at the lamp beads quality

The quality of the lamp beads determines the quality of the chip and packaging technology. The chip’s quality and determines the brightness of the lamp beads and light failure. Generally good light beads not only bright light, and the light fades very small.

Principle 5: see the light effect

The same light bead power, light efficiency is higher, the higher the brightness; the same brightness, power consumption, the smaller the more energy-efficient.

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