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10 led panel light manufacturers survey about who is doing the best panel lights

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED panel lights also rapid development, and quickly became the lighting market, “new favorite.” LED panel light illumination uniformity is good, soft light, comfortable, is widely used in office, home and other places, as LED era to replace the traditional grid lamp panel of the best products. LED panel lights become popular in the market, the natural participation in the LED panel lights competing brands continue to emerge, who is the best panel lights do?

Will pay more attention to cost-effective

LED panel lights have direct type and side light-emitting two categories, mainly used in office, schools, hospitals and other fields, at present, the product category is still not as Op overall sales “pillar.” Op lighting, LED panel light market demand is very large, but the lighting manufacturers in the market competition is also very intense. LED panel lights in the market promotion, Op lighting more attention to price, a more reasonable price to enhance market share.

Op lighting also describes the advantages of side light panel light body is slim, but compared to the direct type of cost is slightly more expensive, and direct type panel lights higher system light efficiency is a major advantage; based on its lamp structure , Cost control is also an advantage, but on the whole, compared to the side-emitting panel lights, its low level of acceptance.

Adhere to the core technology position

National Star LED panel light side lighting and direct type of two categories, the country side of the starlight light and direct type LED panel light sources are used high-brightness country Star’s own SMDLED, with the light more uniform, significantly higher, Frame higher intensity, light uniform and comfortable features. The LED panel lights used in office buildings, hospitals, banks, municipal office buildings and other projects and exports, but also for home lighting kitchen and toilet lights, LED panel lamp sales accounted for about 15%.

National Star Panel light show room people feel more comfortable

National Star Lighting Division General Manager Xu Zhenfeng said that the domestic market, the majority of price-sensitive customers, so effective control of product cost is the key to improving market share. National Star Power to ensure that the products of high luminous efficiency, high significant means that a uniform light at the same time, actively explore ways to effectively reduce costs, to provide consumers with better quality, cost-effective LED panel light products.

Akinobu LED: grasp the consumer demands

Akinobu LED focus on the side-emitting LED panel lights, in the light of the premise of the shape, Aoki LED panel light uniform lighting to ensure that the ideal lighting. Zhaoxin LED interior lighting division general manager Zhang Linsen said that the side light-emitting flat light lamps are light weight, easy to install and transport advantages, the disadvantage is easy to light uneven. Straight down flat lamp has the advantage of uniform light, brightness sufficient; disadvantage is heavy, relatively inconvenient transportation and installation.

LED lighting design to meet consumer demand

In market promotion, the LED lighting products focus on the demands and demands of the market in two aspects: First of all, for the market to tap the competitive characteristics of products to ensure that low-cost cases, improve product cost-effective; Second, a better understanding of the market, grasp Customer or consumer demands, to meet consumer demand.

Tao-lighting: the main product “price card”

Taowei LED panel lights are mainly used in offices, hospitals, shopping malls, factories and home kitchen and other fields, at present, only the production of LED panel lights. Yao Taohuai, chairman of Zhuhai Taowei flat panel lighting, said, LED panel lamp market share in the rapid expansion. According to reports, Taowei mainly hit the “price card”, as Yao Huaiju said, the popular price of Tao is a powerful strategy for broadcasting, after all, a low-cost high-quality products, for many enterprises is not easy to do; between enterprises and enterprises The difference is that the different raw material configuration, side-lit and direct type panel lights are not much difference.

Yongke photoelectric: according to customer demand design

Yongke Optoelectronic LED Panel Light is mainly for direct-type light, Yongke Optoelectronics Marketing Director Dr. Tang Zhengning that its LED panel lights to solve the problem of energy saving and temperature rise, suitable for a variety of applications. Yongke photoelectric products in understanding the characteristics of the basis, according to the actual needs of customers, design a reasonable product type.

Tang Zhengning that the advantages of LED panel lights is far more than these, different from the previous lighting effects, coupled with the LED should be far more than the traditional fluorescent lamp life, making it a broad application space, but not now simply replace the traditional product.

On the photoelectric: pay more attention to light quality

In the field of lighting, on the photoelectric production only LED panel lights, mainly for the side light categories, and its products have been a variety of certification at home and abroad, including 3C, CE, UL, TUV and so on. LED panel lights with the gradual rise of the influence of the market to the photoelectric represented on the LED manufacturers have begun to encroach on the market.

LED panel lights as a lighting market segments products, the relative bulb, lamp products, its shipments a lot smaller. In the field of commercial lighting, consumer lighting quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and LED panel lights because it is surface light, soft and comfortable light, light uniformity, prominent eye protection role. Day photoelectric commercial lighting operations center, said Dr. Lu Ting Song, general manager, LED panel lights gradually recognized by consumers, market penetration has increased year by year.

Dr. Luting Song also said that in the field of lighting, the only photoelectric LED panel lights, and the product has been certified at home and abroad; on the photoelectric to complete the layout of the LED panel light industry chain, accurate control of the upstream raw material process characteristics.

Orcott: the perfect alternative to traditional light plate

Ou Kete LED panel lights have direct type and side light two categories, its sales accounted for 30%, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union and the Middle East. According to Ou Kete Lighting Marketing Director Wu Maoxiong introduction, at present, the Ou Kete LED panel light products on the domestic market penetration of 3%, export market penetration is as high as 20%.

Wu Maoxiong introduced, Ocote lighting developed by the advantages of panel lights is cost-effective. At present, the Ocote LED panel lamp price level lower side, cost-effective, cost control will continue to optimize.

Financial lighting: only side lighting products

It is mainly used in offices, schools, wine cabinets and high-end kitchens and places where the design environment is relatively high. At present, its sales accounted for more than 90% of the total. In improving market share, the financial work mainly from the lighting products related to the characteristics of efforts, such as the design of aesthetics, no glare and so on.

Fujian Rongong Zou Yongming, director of lighting that the positioning of each enterprise is different, only the side of the light LED light panel lights. Melting work with side light and frame integration technology, very simple and beautiful, light uniformity.

State Asia Lighting: foreign market than domestic good

National Asia LED lighting applications led to the main shopping malls, hotels, home is also involved, its sales accounted for about 40%. In improving the market share, the main lighting from the country to start with product quality, including improving product brightness, life expectancy, followed by improving after-sales service, improve product line, increase product categories.

lowes drop ceiling lighting

State Lighting General Manager Wei Peng said that the market, the side light than the direct type LED panel lights to be popular, because the direct type panel lights will be involved in dark areas. At this stage, LED panel lights in foreign markets than the domestic market is good, especially in Africa, Thailand and other regional markets.

Friends of Ka Lighting: product structure for adjustment

Friends of the Ka-lighting production only LED panel lights, products are mainly used in tooling areas, applications mainly for offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other public areas. The future, Friends of Ka will continue to reduce costs, benefit consumers, and in the product structure for major adjustments to enhance market share.

Friends of the lighting, general manager of Shi-fei Yue said, LED panel light because of its luminous appearance and more and more welcome by the tooling market, after four or five years of development has been recognized by the market. Direct-type panel lights because of its cost more and more prominent, by the engineering market concerns, more and more customers.

Micro-lighting: Quotes and potential to be optimistic

LED panel lights as a basic lighting products, its market conditions and potential are quite promising, micro-lighting LED panel lights are mainly used in office lighting, its sales accounted for about 30%. According to reports, at present, micro-lighting is working with Tsinghua University, with internal radio, air purifier panel lights.

According to general manager of micro-lighting, Yang Jun, in marketing, they mainly from the function, technology, materials, appearance and installation methods to enhance the market share of LED panel lights. In different specific environments, the side-light and direct-type has its advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of side-glare is less glare, light weight, and direct type LED flat lamp illumination, glare is inevitable.

Green V photoelectric: adhere to the quality of stability

Green V LED panel lights focused on office, shopping malls, hospitals, which accounted for the largest proportion of hospitals. At this stage, green photovoltaic positioning in the end, the future, Green V will also lower prices by improving product quality and other means to win greater market share.

Green V, Zhang Yong, general manager of the introduction, at this stage, die-casting panel lights in the export market is relatively large sales, Southeast Asia and other foreign markets are more sensitive to the price, but still adhere to the quality of green volts, stability, price is short-term behavior.

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